We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Researching the latest evidence-based practices in addiction treatment to ensure the highest quality of care. Staying informed of new approaches, therapies, and medication advancements to enhance patient outcomes in recovery.

Creating personalized, comprehensive recovery plans that address each individual's unique needs and circumstances. Incorporating evidence-based therapies and support systems to facilitate lasting sobriety and promote overall well-being.


Ensuring the most effective use of resources to provide optimal addiction treatment. Allocating funds, staff, and facilities to guarantee the highest level of care and support throughout the recovery journey.

Addressing and resolving conflicts that may arise within the rehab community or between patients and their loved ones. Utilizing effective communication and problem-solving techniques to create a harmonious and supportive environment.

Educating and training staff members in leadership and management skills to better guide patients through the recovery process. Encouraging a compassionate, collaborative approach to help individuals overcome addiction challenges.


Developing a thorough aftercare plan to support patients in maintaining sobriety after completing the rehab program. Establishing connections to support groups, counseling, and other resources to ensure long-term success in recovery.


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What are our clients are saying about us?

Samantha K Johannesburg

"I cannot express how grateful I am for the team at Changes Rehab in Johannesburg. Their dedicated professionals and personalized approach to addiction treatment helped me regain control of my life. Thanks to their unwavering support, I'm now celebrating three years of sobriety and living a fulfilling, healthy life."

Michael J Johannesburg

"Changes Rehab in Johannesburg completely transformed my life. Their comprehensive and holistic approach to treatment addressed not only my addiction but also the underlying issues that contributed to it. The staff truly cares about each patient's well-being and works tirelessly to ensure lasting recovery. I wholeheartedly recommend Changes Rehab to anyone seeking a new beginning."

Daniel S Johannesburg

"Changes Rehab in Johannesburg gave me the tools and support I needed to overcome my alcohol addiction. Their multidisciplinary team addressed every aspect of my recovery, from detox and therapy to aftercare planning. The environment was warm and welcoming, and I felt truly cared for throughout my entire stay. I can confidently say that Changes Rehab helped me rediscover my true self and rebuild a life worth living."

Andrew M Johannesburg

"My journey at Changes Rehab in Johannesburg was nothing short of life-changing. Their holistic approach to addiction treatment and compassionate staff made me feel understood and supported every step of the way. Today, I am two years sober and living a life I never thought possible. I am deeply grateful for their unwavering commitment to my recovery."

Susan R Johannesburg

"Changes Rehab in Johannesburg not only helped me overcome my addiction but also taught me valuable life skills to maintain my sobriety. The dedicated and experienced staff created a nurturing and supportive atmosphere where I could truly heal. I wholeheartedly recommend Changes Rehab to anyone in need of help and guidance on their path to recovery."

Peter H Johannesburg

"From the moment I arrived at Changes Rehab in Johannesburg, I knew I was in the right place. The staff's genuine care and commitment to my well-being gave me the strength and confidence to face my addiction head-on. Now, with over a year of sobriety under my belt, I can honestly say that Changes Rehab has given me a second chance at life."


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